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Mojo: Stratasys Releases First Sub $10k Professional 3D Printer

Minneapolis-based company Stratasys announced this week the release of their latest professional printer, the Mojo. The price point of the printer is what is below $10,000 dollars — a practical and psychological milestone which brings 3D printing more into the purchasing range of many small business and even individuals. Leasing options are available in the United States. The Mojo’s dimensions are 64 x 53 x 46 cm, so not dissimilar in size to a regular computer printer.

The Mojo comes with a print pack which includes PrintWizard software that allows users to design products and print. The printer uses ABS plastic spools that contain 80 cubic inches each, and the printer is able to print objects as large as a five inch cube using Stratasys’s patented FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology which prints to a high resolution.

This product is just another indication that 3D Printing is ready to move into the mainstream of modeling and prototyping. Many 3D printers are built from kints by enthusiasts and hobbyists, but for the person who wants a machine that can work right out of the box, the Mojo could be very attractive. I have no doubt that we will see more of these kinds of professional products on the market in the coming years, and just as happened in the early days of computers and printers, I expect the sophistication of the machines to increase while prices drop — another revolution in the making.

Below is a marketing video that Stratsys put out featuring the Mojo


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